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Multiaspect Classification of Sidescan Sonar Images: Four Different Approaches to Fusing Single-Aspect Information
In this paper, the classification of an object on the seabed from two sidescan sonar looks is considered. Four different approaches to fusing the information from the individual looks are described.Expand
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12 days under ice – an historic AUV deployment in the Canadian High Arctic
In March and April 2010, an International Submarine Engineering (ISE) Explorer Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), built for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), was deployed to Canada's High Arctic.Expand
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Verification and Validation of Complex Systems: Human Factors Issues
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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: A Transformation in Mine Counter‐Measure Operations
We show how previously un-modelled characteristics, such as the aspect and range dependencies of mine detection, show a significant influence on the mission effectiveness of a side scan sonar employed in an AUV system. Expand
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Modeling Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operations in mine hunting
As part of the new Underwater Warfare Program, DRDC has started a new project on Task Group Mine Field Avoidance. While the long-term objective of the work is to demonstrate a Task Group Mine FieldExpand
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A Behavioral Probabilistic Risk Assessment Framework for Managing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Deployments
The deployment of a deep-diving long-range autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is a complex operation that requires the use of a risk informed decision-making process. Expand
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A fully interactive dynamic simulation of a semi-submersible towing a large towfish
ISER and DREA are collaborating on the development of SIMRNIS, a fully interactive nonlinear submersible/cable/towfish six degree-of-freedom (DOF) time domain simulation. This capability is not foundExpand
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SeaKeeper – An Operational Remote Minehunting System
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Folklore and the Historian
A conference held at the Warburg Institute, London, on Saturday 6 May 2000 Eighty people attended this one-day conference in London entitled "Folklore and the Historian." While most of the dozenExpand
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Folklore beyond Nationalism: Identity Politics and Scientific Cultures in a New Discipline
This chapter discusses the development of folklore among the progenitors of ‘civic nationalism’— Rousseau, the Revolution and French Republicanism—rather than the better-known teleology of ‘ethnicExpand
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