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History of dark matter
Although dark matter is a central element of modern cosmology, the history of how it became accepted as part of the dominant paradigm is often ignored or condensed into an anecdotal account focused
Possible Evidence For Dark Matter Annihilation In The Inner Milky Way From The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope
We study the gamma rays observed by the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope from the direction of the Galactic Center and find that their angular distribution and energy spectrum are well described by a
Cosmology with a very light Lμ − Lτ gauge boson
A bstractIn this paper, we explore in detail the cosmological implications of an abelian Lμ − Lτ gauge extension of the Standard Model featuring a light and weakly coupled Z′. Such a scenario is
MeV dark matter: has it been detected?
It is found that the possibility that the recent detection of 511 keV gamma rays from the galactic bulge, as observed by INTEGRAL, is a consequence of low mass particle dark matter annihilations is consistent with the observed dark matter relic density and other constraints from astrophysics and particle physics.