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Increased colour and organic acid concentrations in Norwegian forest lakes and drinking water – a result of increased precipitation?
Abstract.Recently there have been major increases in water colour and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in many forest lakes that serve as drinking water reservoirs in the southern part of Norway. WeExpand
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Dissolved components in precipitation water percolated through forest litter
Leaves lying on the forest floor are a major source of dissolved organic substances in soil and surface waters, and these substances have important effects in those environments. We used zero-tensiExpand
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Production of dissolved organic carbon in forested catchments
  • D. Hongve
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 November 1999
Leaf litter is an important source of natural dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in forested catchments. Rainwater percolating through fresh litter obtains higher concentrations of DOC and colour thanExpand
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Quantifying the drivers of the increasing colored organic matter in boreal surface waters.
Long-term monitoring of surface water quality has shown increasing concentrations of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) across large parts of the northern latitudes. This has increasedExpand
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Characterization of humic substances by means of high-performance size exclusion chromatography
Abstract High-performance size exclusion chromatography is a simple and rapid method for characterization of macromolecules like humic substances according to their molecular size distribution.Expand
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Chemical stratification and stability of meromictic lakes in the Upper Romerike district
  • D. Hongve
  • Chemistry
  • Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie
  • 1 September 1980
A number of lakes in Southeast Norway have developed biogenic meromixis and have typically also considerable concentrations of dissolved iron and manganese in the bottom waters. Eight such lakes areExpand
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On the chemical water quality in Høylandet, a reference area for acidification research
Chemical and physical water quality parameters havebeen analyzed in a synoptic study of 101 lakes and103 rivers and streams in Høylandet, a coastalcatchment in Central Norway. The area isExpand
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Seasonal Mixing and Genesis of Endogenic Meromixis in Small Lakes in Southeast Norway
The inland region of Southeast Norway contains many lakes with endogenic meromixis. A synoptic study of seasonal mixing was conducted in 27 oligo- and mesotrophic lakes with surface area 0.0013 – 7.4Expand
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Trace metal concentrations in lake and overbank sediments in southern Norway
Abstract As, Be, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, V, Se and Zn concentrations were determined and compared in lake and overbank sediments from 33 catchments without local pollution sources in southernExpand
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