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Russell T. McCutcheon, Religion and the Domestication of Dissent: Or, How to Live in a Less Than Perfect Nation. London, Equinox, 2005, xiD123 pp., $65 (hardback), ISBN 1 845 53000 4, $22Expand
The Yemen Manuscript Digitization Initiative
The Yemen Manuscript Digitization Initiative (http://YMDI.uoregon.edu) is a collective of leading scholars of classical Islam, Middle Eastern history, and Arabic Literature from North America,Expand
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Anta anā wa-anā minka (“You are me, and I am from you”): A Quasi-Nuṣayrī Fragment on the Intellect in the Early Ismāʿīlī Treatise Kitāb Taʾwīl ḥurūf al-muʿjam
The studies in this volume, which cover an unusually wide range of topics in the Arabic humanities and Islamic thought, explore the richness of the Arabic literary tradition and Islamic intellectualExpand
Disrobing judges with veiled truths: An early Ismā‘īlī Torah interpretation (ta'wīl) in service of the Fātimid mission
Abstract It has long been known that in the tenth century, missionaries for a Shī‘ite Islamic sect known as the Ismā‘īlīs interpreted stories from the Torah and Gospels. The prevailing theory holdsExpand
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