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Organizational Determinants of Police Discretion - the Case of Drinking-Driving
Abstract Organizational explanations of police behavior differ in terms of the influence on street-level discretion attributed to the formal administrative apparatus. Rational and constrainedExpand
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Responses of the spider Argiope aurantia to low frequency phasic and continuous vibrations
Abstract I maintained female orb-weaving spiders, Argiope aurantia , in the laboratory and subjected them to low frequency phasic and continuous transverse vibrations of known frequency, amplitude,Expand
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Resource breadth in orb-weaving spiders: a tropical-temperate comparison
On determine les dimensions de la niche ecologique de 9 Araneidae de Panama et on les compare avec celles obtenues au Texas
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Surge current and electron swarm tunnel tests of thermal blanket and ground strap materials
The results are described of a series of current conduction tests with a thermal control blanket to which grounding straps have been attached. The material and the ground strap attachment procedureExpand
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Community composition and nearest neighbor relationships in orb-weaving spiders: the product of aggression?
  • D. Hoffmaster
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  • 1 April 1985
SummaryNearest-neighbor distances and species' densities were calculated for 949 individuals of 8 species of orb-weaving spiders from eight edge and meacow sites in Panama. These data were used toExpand
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Charged particle measurements on a 30-CM diameter mercury ion engine thrust beam
Measurements of both thrust ions and charge exchange ions were made in the beam of a 30 centimeter diameter electron bombardment mercury ion thruster. A qualitative model is presented which describesExpand
Very low-power power supplies
Unit may be used in systems requiring milliwatt power for bias voltage functions and can be used as control mechanism for large electric power systems. Expand