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Ecological Wood Anatomy of the Woody Southern Californian Flora
Wood of 207 species, representing all 178 woody genera of the Munz flora of southern California, was studied by means of sections and macerations. Data were gathered on features relating to theExpand
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The expanding role of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) in toxicology.
Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) have found wide use in correlating the bioactivity of all kinds of organic compounds with all kinds of biological entities. So many QSAR have beenExpand
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Quantifying aquatic insect deposition from lake to land.
Adjacent ecosystems are influenced by organisms that move across boundaries, such as insects with aquatic larval stages and terrestrial adult stages, which transport energy and nutrients from waterExpand
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Turning up the heat: temperature influences the relative importance of top-down and bottom-up effects.
Understanding how communities respond to changes in temperature is a major challenge for community ecology. Temperature influences the relative degree to which top-down and bottom-up forces structureExpand
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Lake‐derived midges increase abundance of shoreline terrestrial arthropods via multiple trophic pathways
Aquatic insects link adjacent ecosystems by transporting nutrients, energy, and material as they move from bodies of water into terrestrial habitats. Insects emerging from streams and rivers areExpand
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The founding charter of the Genomic Observatories Network
The co-authors of this paper hereby state their intention to work together to launch the Genomic Observatories Network (GOs Network) for which this document will serve as its Founding Charter. Expand
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Calculating log P(oct) with no missing fragments; The problem of estimating new interaction parameters
The solvation forces which determine the equilibrium of a solute between water and a non-polar solvent, such as octanol, cannot be assigned on an atom-by-atom basis in the solute structure. TheExpand
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