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Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
Keywords: aeroelasticite ; structure : dynamique Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08
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Nonlinear equations of motion for the elastic bending and torsion of twisted nonuniform rotor blades
The equations of motion are developed by two complementary methods, Hamilton's principle and the Newtonian method. The resulting equations are valid to second order for long, straight, slender,Expand
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A mixed variational formulation based on exact intrinsic equations for dynamics of moving beams
Abstract A nonlinear intrinsic formulation for the dynamics of initially curved and twisted beams in a moving frame is presented. The equations are written in a compact matrix form without anyExpand
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Nonlinear Composite Beam Theory
* Introduction * Elements of System Theory * Mathematical Model of an Aircraft * Outline of Estimation Theory * Regression Methods * Maximum Likelihood Methods * Frequency Domain Methods * Real-Time Parameter Estimation * Experiment Design * Data Compatibility * Data Analysis * MATLAB[registered] Software * Appendices * Index. Expand
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Flight Dynamics of Highly Flexible Flying Wings
The paper presents a theory for flight-dynamic analysis of highly flexible flying-wing configurations. The analysis takes into account large aircraft motion coupled with geometrically nonlinearExpand
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VABS: A New Concept for Composite Rotor Blade Cross-Sectional Modeling
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On Timoshenko-like modeling of initially curved and twisted composite beams
Abstract A generalized, finite-element-based, cross-sectional analysis for nonhomogenous, initially curved and twisted, anistropic beams is formulated from geometrically nonlinear, three-dimensionalExpand
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Geometrically Exact, Intrinsic Theory for Dynamics of Curved and Twisted Anisotropic Beams
A formulation is presented for the nonlinear dynamics of initially curved and twisted anisotropic beams. When the applied loads at the ends of, and distributed along, the beam are independent of theExpand
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Nonlinear Beam Kinematics by Decomposition of the Rotation Tensor
A simple matrix expression is obtained for the strain components of a beam in which the displacements and rotations are large. The only restrictions are on the magnitudes of the strain and of theExpand
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On asymptotically correct Timoshenko-like anisotropic beam theory
Abstract This paper presents a finite element cross-sectional beam analysis capable of capturing transverse shear effects. The approach uses the variational-asymptotic method and can handle beams ofExpand
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