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A Controlled Field Test of Surfactant‐Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
The presence of dense nonaqueous phase liquids is one of the principal problems associated with current ground-water remediation efforts. Standard pump-and-treat methods are ineffective largelyExpand
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Thermal model for origin of granitic batholiths
THE origin of granitic batholiths has been reviewed in the light of our understanding of the processes operative at destructive plate margins1. The thermal patterns at island arcs suggest thatExpand
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Melt segregation in anatectic granites: a thermo-mechanical model
Abstract The generation and initial migration of magma produced by crustal anatexis involves partial melting and at least partial separation of melt from residual solid. The generation of anatecticExpand
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Mechanism of subsidence of ancient cratonic rift basins
Cratonic basins commonly occur over ancient rift zones. These inactive rift basins are recognizable by a positive linear Bouguer gravity anomaly that may correspond to the axial gravity high found inExpand
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Far-field flexural response of Lake Bonneville from paleopluvial lake elevations
May, G.M., Bills, B.G. and Hodge, D.S., 1991. Far-field flexural response of Lake Bonneville from paleopluvial lake elevations. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 68: 274-284. There are 18 paleopluviallakesExpand
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Gravity Interpretation of the Laramie Anorthosite Complex, Wyoming
Interpretation of a gravity study of the Laramie anorthosite complex limits petrogenetic models. Bouguer gravity anomalies within the anorthosite average about −155 mgal, decrease by 12 mgal overExpand
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Investigations of low-temperature geothermal potential in New York State
Temperature gradient map and published heat flow data indicate a possible potential for a geothermal resource in western and central New York State. A new analysis of bottom-hole temperature data forExpand
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Interactive Computer Modeling of Social and Scientific Issues Related to Volcanic Hazards
We have developed a fully interactive, multimedia computer laboratory on volcanic eruptions for use in introductory geology and environmental earth-science classes. Expand
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