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Two axiomatic approaches to the probabilistic serial mechanism
This paper studies the problem of assigning a set of indivisible objects to a set of agents when monetary transfers are not allowed and agents reveal only ordinal preferences, but random assignmentsExpand
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On stable and strategy-proof rules in matching markets with contracts
This paper studies stable and (one-sided) strategy-proof rules in many-to-one matching markets with contracts. Expand
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Cumulative offer process is order-independent
This note shows that in the matching-with contracts model, the outcome of the cumulative offer process is order-independent if every hospital has a choice function that satisfies the bilateralExpand
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Characterizations of the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism
This paper provides two axiomatizations of the probabilistic serial mechanism. First, the mechanism is characterized by ordinal efficiency, envy-freeness, and truncation robustness. TruncationExpand
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Asymmetric Bertrand-Edgeworth Oligopoly and Mergers
This paper investigates mixed strategy equilibria in a capacity-constrained price competition among three firms. It is shown that the equilibria in an asymmetric oligopoly are substantially differentExpand
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A model of a two-stage all-pay auction
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Influence of appliance state on transmission characteristics of indoor AC mains lines in frequency range used power line communication
High-speed power line communication (PLC) systems have been developed for home networks. However, the transmission characteristics of an indoor AC mains line have not been clarified. We studied theExpand
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Price leadership in a homogeneous product market
The present paper reexamines the price-setting Stackelberg duopoly with asymmetric and strictly convex cost functions in a homogeneous product market. It demonstrates that in a generic environment,Expand
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Blow-up for a class of semilinear integro-differential equations of parabolic type
In this paper, we study the following semilinear integro-differential equation of the parabolic type that arise in the theory of nuclear reactor kinetics: under homogeneousExpand
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Magnetic and transport properties of layered Yb2TGe6 (T = Ni, Cu, Pd, Pt)
Abstract We report the magnetic and transport properties of Yb2TGe6 (T = Ni, Cu, Pd, Pt) which crystallize in the orthorhombic Ce2CuGe6–type structure. The unit cell volume increases by 6% on goingExpand
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