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Employability skills: Perspectives from a knowledge-intensive industry
Purpose: While the global education debate remains focused on graduate skills and employability, the absence of a shared language between student, academic and industry stakeholder groups meansExpand
Deconstructing and reconstructing the capability hierarchy
A hierarchical framework of ordinary capabilities, dynamic functional capabilities, and dynamic learning capabilities is developed that progresses the ongoing debate surrounding the capability hierarchy and offers a novel view of capabilities. Expand
The Role of Knowledge Intermediaries in Developing Firm Learning Capabilities
Regional innovation systems (RISs) literature has emphasized the critical role of interactive learning and knowledge exchange amongst firms and a variety of spatially connected innovationExpand
Small service firms – creating value through innovation
The debate over the innovative role of small firms has largely been resolved. However, researchers have yet to establish the basis for some small firms being more innovative than others and theExpand
The knowledge exchange intermediary as service provider: a discussion and an Australian case
The critical impact of innovation on national and the global economies has been discussed at length in the literature. Economic development requires the diffusion of innovations into markets. It hasExpand
Interdisciplinary science research and education
Science history shows us that interdisciplinarity is a spontaneous process that is intrinsic to, and engendered by, research activity. It is an activity that is done rather than an object to beExpand
How Small Business Advisory Program Delivery Methods (Collective Learning, Tailored, and Practice‐Based Approaches) Affect Learning and Innovation
Past studies relate small business advisory program effectiveness to advisory characteristics such as advisory intensity and scope. We contribute to existing literature by seeking to identify theExpand
The Population of Organisations Life Cycle (POLC): Implications for Small Business Assistance Programs
DENNIS HOWARD AND DAMIAN HINE ARE PhD candidates working at Southern Cross University, Australia. Despite the wealth of programs employed by governments towards the small business sector, there isExpand