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Tunable alexandrite lasers: Development and performance
Some major recent developments in alexandrite laser research are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on key material characteristics, and their relationship to laser performance. Alexandrite's favorableExpand
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Highly vibrationally excited benzene: Overtone spectroscopy and intramolecular dynamics of C6H6, C6D6, and partially deuterated or substituted benzenes
Ultrasensitive dye laser photoacoustic spectra have been obtained for CH and CD stretch overtone excitations of gas phase benzene (C6H6, C6D6, C6HD5), toluene, and fluorobenzenes (C6H5F, C6HF5) inExpand
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Alexandrite laser pumped by semiconductor lasers
We report the first operation of a direct diode‐pumped tunable chromium‐doped solid‐state laser. A small alexandrite (Cr:BeAl2O4) crystal was longitudinally pumped by two visible laser diodes. TheExpand
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Theory of vibrational overtone line shapes of polyatomic molecules
We present a general theory for the overtone absorption line shapes of isolated polyatomic molecules. The theory is based on a separation of the molecular vibrational degrees of freedom into: (1) aExpand
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Advances in laser science--4
Conference sessions include: (1) Gamma Ray Lasers, (2) X-Ray Lasers, (3) Solid State/Semiconductor Lasers, Spectroscopy, and Applications, (4) Nonlinear Optical Techniques and Spectroscopies, (5)Expand
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Diode-pumped solid-state tunable UV laser source
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Advances in Lidar Transmitter Sources for Ocean-Atmosphere Remote Sensing
Pulsed, tunable alexandrite lasers in combination with harmonic generators and Raman wavelength shifter form a powerful and versatile tool for lidar (light detection and ranging) remote sensing. SuchExpand
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Intracavity Raman lasers
Experimental and theoretical studies of intracavity Raman lasers are presented. Advantages of intracavity Raman lasers, particularly for low-emission cross section and broadly tunable vibronic gainExpand
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Direct birefringence measurements using moire ray deflection techniques.
Moire ray deflection analysis techniques can provide fast, simple, and sensitive quantitative methods for direct measurement of optical birefringence. Two of these techniques are described, analyzed,Expand
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Raman-shifted alexandrite laser for soft tissue ablation in the 6- to 7-µm wavelength range
A Raman-shifted, pulsed alexandrite laser that is tunable from 6 to 7 µm and cuts soft tissues cleanly—approximately 15 µm of thermal damage surrounding ablation craters in cornea—and does so with volumetric ablation rates of 2–5 × 10−3 mm3/s. Expand
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