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Late Famennian gastropoda from south‐west England
The gastropod fauna of the Upper Devonian Baggy and Pilton formations in south-west England is revised and includes some 30 taxa. The topmost part of the Upper Famennian succession in Devon isExpand
Famennian brachiopod and gastropod occurrences on top of Devonian seamounts, Elbingerode and Iberg Reefs, Harz Mts., Germany
Famennian brachiopods and gastropods occur locally on top of the Elbingerode and Iberg Reefs (Harz Mts.). The Elbingerode occurrence is found in a small depression of the former reef surface andExpand
Late Viséan (Carboniferous) gastropods from the Gara El Itima (eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Abstract. Diverse and well-preserved Late Visean (Early Carboniferous) gastropod faunas from the eastern Anti-Atlas of Morocco are described herein. The new genus Itimaspira n. gen. is described asExpand
Devonian Gastropoda from the Dornap “Massenkalk” complex (Bergisches Land, Germany)
Seven Middle Devonian gastropod species are described from the quarry of Oetelshofen near Dornap, Germany and the existence of predation is proved by a bore-hole in Macrochilina drozdzewski; the predator itself is not yet identified with certainty. Expand