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Expert consensus document on arterial stiffness: methodological issues and clinical applications.
In recent years, great emphasis has been placed on the role of arterial stiffness in the development of cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, the assessment of arterial stiffness is increasingly used inExpand
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Endothelial function in chronic congestive heart failure.
There is evidence that the endothelium plays an important role in the control of human vascular tone by releasing endothelium-derived nitric oxide. The hypothesis that an impairment of this mechanismExpand
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Influence of oscillatory and unidirectional flow environments on the expression of endothelin and nitric oxide synthase in cultured endothelial cells.
In vivo, endothelial cells (ECs) are subjected to a complex mechanical environment composed of shear stress, pressure, and circumferential stretch. The aim of this study was to subject bovine aorticExpand
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The CoLaus study: a population-based study to investigate the epidemiology and genetic determinants of cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic syndrome
BackgroundCardiovascular diseases and their associated risk factors remain the main cause of mortality in western societies. In order to assess the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs)Expand
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Synchronous and baroceptor-sensitive oscillations in skin microcirculation: evidence for central autonomic control.
To determine whether skin blood flow is local or takes part in general regulatory mechanisms, we recorded laser-Doppler flowmetry (LDF; left and right index fingers), blood pressure, muscleExpand
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Abridged version of the expert consensus document on arterial stiffness
Summary In recent years great emphasis has been placed on the role of arterial stiffness in the development of cardiovascular diseases. The present article is an abridged version of an expertExpand
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Statins enhance postischemic hyperemia in the skin circulation of hypercholesterolemic patients: a monitoring test of endothelial dysfunction for clinical practice?
OBJECTIVES The present study aims to investigate whether laser Doppler flowmetry can be used to monitor improvements in vascular function during statin therapy. BACKGROUND Endothelial dysfunctionExpand
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Mental Stress Induces Prolonged Endothelial Dysfunction via Endothelin-A Receptors
Background—Mental stress is a risk factor for atherosclerosis and may precipitate myocardial ischemia and infarction. Because endothelial dysfunction is an early manifestation of atherosclerosis, weExpand
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Low-pressure environment and remodelling of the forearm vein in Brescia-Cimino haemodialysis access.
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to determine which, and to what extent, haemodynamic parameters contribute to the remodelling of the venous limb of the Brescia-Cimino haemodialysis access. Expand
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Gelsolin superfamily proteins: key regulators of cellular functions
Abstract.Cytoskeletal rearrangement occurs in a variety of cellular processes and involves a wide spectrum of proteins. Among these, the gelsolin superfamily proteins control actin organization byExpand
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