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Die Konstitution von Diacetoxyscirpenol
The structure of diacetoxyscirpenol (C19H26O7), the main metabolite of several Fusarium species, has been shown to be 1.
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Isolierung und Abbau von Sordarin. 1. Mitteilung über Sordarin
Sordarin (C27H40O8), an antifungal mould metabolite of Sordaria araneosa, has been degraded to the aglykon sordaricin (C20H28O4) and 6-desoxy-4-O-methyl-D-altrose, a hitherto unknown sugar.
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Selektive Funktionalisierung von Wortmannin mit Hilfe einer Furanring‐Maskierung
Wortmannin (1) and its 11-desacetoxy derivative 2 are highly susceptible to nucleophiles, which limits the possibilities of transformation. Masking the furan ring by a new method allowed selectiveExpand
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Isolierung und Strukturaufklärung von 11-Desacetoxy-wortmannin
The structure of 11-desacetoxy-wortmannin (3), a new antiinflammatory metabolite of the fungus Penicillium funiculosum THOM, has been elucidated by physico-chemical methods and chemical correlationExpand
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Desaminierung von 6‐Aminopenicillansäure
The synthesis of 6α-acyloxy-penicillanic acids either by deamination of 6-amino-penicillanic acid or by rearrangement of N-nitroso-penicillins is described.
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Isolierung und Konstitutionsermittlung von Chrysodin
The constitution of Chrysodin (2), a metabolite of Sepedonium chrysospermum, is proposed on the basis of chemical transformations and physical measurements.
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Fragmentierungen und intramolekulare Abstraktionen tertiärer Wasserstoffatome ausgehend von primären Oxyradikalen mit fixierten Reaktionszentren
Treated with lead tetraacetate in boiling benzene the saturated 19-hydroxy steroids 9 and 16 gave complex mixtures containing products of fragmentation and of hydrogen abstraction from δ-carbonExpand
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Einführung der Corticoid‐Seitenkette bei Wortmannin
Introduction of the corticoid side chain into position 17 of wortmannin (1) and its 11-desacetoxy derivative (2) has been achieved by masking the furan ring.
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Die Oxydation von (+)-(4R)-4, 8-Dimethyl-nonanol-(1) mit Blei (IV)- acetat†
The lead tetraacetate oxidation of the optically active aliphatic alcohol 1 in benzene afforded the tetrahydrofurane derivative 3 and the 3-acetoxy-tetrahydro-pyranes 4–6 as major products. TheExpand
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