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The importance of playa wetlands to biodiversity of the Southern High Plains
Abstract We describe the landscape of the Southern High Plains, including the important remaining native feature of the area; playa wetlands. Playas are ephemeral wetlands on the prairie occupyingExpand
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Over 50% of the wetlands in the conterminous United States have been lost; however, few studies have investigated the more insidious effects of sedimentation on wetland volume. We examined theExpand
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Ecosystem services provided by playas in the High Plains: potential influences of USDA conservation programs
Playas are shallow depressional wetlands and the dominant wetland type in the non-glaciated High Plains of the United States. This region is one of the most intensively cultivated regions in theExpand
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Physical loss and modification of Southern Great Plains playas.
Playas are the primary wetland system in the Southern Great Plains (SGP) of North America providing critical stopover habitats for migratory birds in the Western Hemisphere. Collectively, theseExpand
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Assessment of the effects of farming and conservation programs on pesticide deposition in high plains wetlands.
We examined pesticide contamination in sediments from depressional playa wetlands embedded in the three dominant land-use types in the western High Plains and Rainwater Basin of the United StatesExpand
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Floral Diversity in Relation to Playa Wetland Area and Watershed Disturbance
There are 25,000-30,000 playa wetlands in the intensively cultivated Southern Great Plains of the United States. Knowledge of area and watershed influences on wetland flora are needed to guide theirExpand
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Reducing sedimentation of depressional wetlands in agricultural landscapes
Depressional wetlands in agricultural landscapes are easily degraded by sediments and contaminants accumulated from their watersheds. Several best management practices can reduce transport ofExpand
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Acute and chronic toxicity of Roundup Weathermax and Ignite 280 SL to larval Spea multiplicata and S. bombifrons from the Southern High Plains, USA.
Pesticides have been implicated in widespread amphibian declines. We assessed acute and chronic toxicity of two widely used herbicides to larval New Mexico (Spea multiplicata) and Plains (S.Expand
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Diet Composition of Three Anurans from the Playa Wetlands of Northwest Texas
Great Plains toads (Bufo cognatus), plains spadefoots (Spea bombifrons), and New Mexico spadefoots (S. multiplicata) commonly breed in playa wetlands on the Southern High Plains of northwest TexasExpand
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Interactive effects between nest microclimate and nest vegetation structure confirm microclimate thresholds for Lesser Prairie-Chicken nest survival
ABSTRACT The range of Lesser Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) spans 4 unique ecoregions along 2 distinct environmental gradients. The Sand Shinnery Oak Prairie ecoregion of the SouthernExpand
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