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Epistemic Network Analysis: A Prototype for 21st-Century Assessment of Learning
Evidence-centered design can address the challenge of assessment in new media learning environments by linking models of understanding, observable actions, and evaluation rubrics to provide evidence of learning. Expand
Press Play: Designing an Epistemic Game Engine for Journalism
Epistemic games are immersive, technology-enhanced, role-playing games where players learn to become---and thus to think like---doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and other members of important practices. Expand
The Right Kind Of Telling: An Analysis of Feedback and Learning in a Journalism Epistemic Game
  • D. Hatfield
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Gaming Comput. Mediat. Simulations
  • 1 April 2015
This study compares the development of an epistemic frame in a journalism epistemic game, science.net, with a professional journalism practicum. Expand
Reflection in professional play
Computer simulations make it possible to create computational microworlds—“environments where people can explore and learn from what they receive back from the computer in return for their exploration” (Hoyles, Noss, 2002). Expand
Implementation of the Sound Partners Reading Program
Eleven first grade and 10 second grade students, all with reading and behavioral difficulties, received one-on-one tutoring using the Sound Partners reading program (Vadasy & Pool, l997). StudentsExpand
Toward a Scalable Learning Analytics Solution
We have recently been working toward an abstracted version of our psychometric and behavioral models, to be provided as an “out-of-the-box” product offering. Expand
The epistemography of journalism 335: complexity in developing journalistic expertise
We examine an intermediate level reporting practicum course to explore the learning processes therein. Expand
Comparing Epistemic Frames: An exercise in visual comparison
We consider the comparison of Epistemic Frames as an example of a visual comparison problem. Epistemic Frames (also known as Epistemic Networks) are a representation used by Learning Scientists toExpand
Comments of Journalism Mentors on News Stories: Classification and Epistemic Status of Mentor Contributions
We identified the speech act categories and clusters of discourse comments of journalism mentors who interact with students editing news stories. Two important speech act categories are evaluationsExpand