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Host specificity in avian blood parasites: a study of Plasmodium and Haemoproteus mitochondrial DNA amplified from birds
A fragment of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of avian malaria (genera Haemoproteus and Plasmodium) was amplified from blood samples of 12 species of passerine birds from the genera Acrocephalus,Expand
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A New Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction Method Very Efficient in Detecting Plasmodium and Haemoproteus Infections From Avian Blood
Recently, several polymerase chain reaction (PCR)–based methods for detection and genetic identification of haemosporidian parasites in avian blood have been developed. Most of these haveExpand
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Cross‐species infection of blood parasites between resident and migratory songbirds in Africa
We studied the phylogeny of avian haemosporidian parasites, Haemoproteus and Plasmodium, in a number of African resident and European migratory songbird species sampled during spring and autumn inExpand
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Good genes, oxidative stress and condition–dependent sexual signals
The immune and the detoxication systems of animals are characterized by allelic polymorphisms, which underlie individual differences in ability to combat assaults from pathogens and toxic compounds.Expand
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On the adaptive significance of stress-induced immunosuppression
We approach the field of stress immunology from an ecological point of view and ask: why should a heavy physical workload, for example as a result of a high reproductive effort, compromise immuneExpand
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Correlation between male song repertoire, extra-pair paternity and offspring survival in the great reed warbler
IN many birds, females copulate with males other than their social mate, resulting in extra-pair fertilizations (EPFs)1–7. It is still unknown, however, why females seek EPFs7,8. In one study, malesExpand
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Prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter lari, and Campylobacter coli in Different Ecological Guilds and Taxa of Migrating Birds
ABSTRACT A total of 1,794 migrating birds trapped at a coastal site in southern Sweden were sampled for detection of Campylobacter spp. All isolates phenotypically identified as Campylobacter jejuniExpand
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Energetic stress, immunosuppression and the costs of an antibody response
1. Recently, there has been much interest in physiological trade-offs between parasite resistance and fitness-related traits such as secondary sexual characters or reproductive effort. MoreExpand
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Temporal dynamics and diversity of avian malaria parasites in a single host species.
1. We have used molecular methods to unravel a remarkable diversity of parasite lineages in a long-term population study of great reed warblers Acrocephalus arundinaceus that was not foreseen fromExpand
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Stress, immunocompetence and leukocyte profiles of pied flycatchers in relation to brood size manipulation
The two main trade-offs considered determining reproductive patterns in iteroparous organisms are the one between current and future reproduction, and the one between the number and quality ofExpand
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