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Automatic Verification of Autonomous Robot Missions
This paper overviews a software system for the verification of behavior-based controllers in context of chosen hardware and environmental models and demonstrates accurate verification for a mission related to the search for a biohazard. Expand
Verifying and validating multirobot missions
We have developed an approach that can be used by mission designers to determine whether or not a performance guarantee for their mission software, when carried out under the uncertain conditions ofExpand
Probabilistic Verification of Multi-robot Missions in Uncertain Environments
A novel method to extend the Bayesian Network formulation to reason about random variables with different subpopulations is introduced to address the challenge of representing the effects of multiple sensory histories when verifying a robot mission. Expand
Performance guarantees for C-WMD robot missions
A novel verification framework in providing performance guarantees for behavior-based and probabilistic robot algorithms in complex real-world environments in order to ensure robots' success in carrying out C-WMD missions. Expand
Getting it Right the First Time: Verification of Behavior-based Multirobot Missions
Position Paper Getting it right the first time: Verification of Behavior-based Multirobot Missions Damian Lyons, Ronald Arkin, Shu Jiang, Dagan Harrington and Matthew O'Brien Dept. Of Computer &Expand