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Mothers supporting children with autistic spectrum disorders
Parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) are more likely to experience serious psychological distress than parents of children with other developmental disabilities. To examine theExpand
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Actigraphic assessment of circadian activity and sleep patterns in bipolar disorder.
OBJECTIVES Theoretical accounts and psychological interventions for bipolar disorder indicate that disruption of circadian rhythms is important, both in affective episodes and as a vulnerabilityExpand
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The Use of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy with People with Asperger Syndrome
A young man with Asperger syndrome who presented with severe depression and self-injurious behaviour was treated with Ig sessions of cognitive-behavioural therapy. A decrease in the levels ofExpand
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Brief Report: Assessment of Sensory Abnormalities in People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • J. Harrison, D. Hare
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of autism and developmental disorders
  • 1 December 2004
Sensory functioning has long been considered crucial in the life of people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) (Gillberg, C., & Coleman, M. (1992). The Biology of Autistic Syndromes (2nd ed.).Expand
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The response to challenging behaviour by care staff: emotional responses, attributions of cause and observations of practice.
BACKGROUND Previous studies have attempted to apply Weiner's attributional model of helping behaviour to care staff who work with service users with intellectual disabilities and challengingExpand
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The health and social care needs of family carers supporting adults with autistic spectrum disorders
The families of 26 adults with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) who either lived at home or maintained close contact with their families were interviewed about their social and psychological needsExpand
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An Investigation of the “Jumping to Conclusions” Data-Gathering Bias and Paranoid Thoughts in Asperger Syndrome
The existence of a data-gathering bias, in the form of jumping to conclusions, and links to paranoid ideation was investigated in Asperger syndrome (AS). People with AS (N = 30) were compared to aExpand
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A Systematic Review of Interventions Used to Treat Catatonic Symptoms in People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
A systematic review was conducted to examine the efficacy of a range of treatments for autistic catatonia. The review identified 22 relevant papers, reporting a total of 28 cases including both adultExpand
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Behavioural phenotypes of the mucopolysaccharide disorders: a systematic literature review of cognitive, motor, social, linguistic and behavioural presentation in the MPS disorders
  • E. Cross, D. Hare
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease
  • 6 February 2013
BackgroundThe mucopolysaccharide disorders (MPS) are a group of recessively inherited metabolic disorders resulting in progressive physical and cognitive decline.Materials and methodsMEDLINE,Expand
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Capacity to consent to participate in research – a recontextualization
Summary Capacity to consent is an important concept when working with people with learning disabilities. The current concept of consent is based on a dichotomous categorization: people either haveExpand
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