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The fruit flies (Tephritidae-Diptera) of Thailand and bordering countries
This study treats 211 species, about 1/2 described as new, and brings up to date our knowledge of these flies for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaya, and Tenasserim, Lower Burma. The speciesExpand
The Evolutionary Biology of the Hawaiian Drosophilidae
Grimshaw (1901, 1902) and Perkins (1910) first focused the attention of dipterists on the aberrant characteristics and abundance of the Hawaiian Drosophilidae. They described 47 species;Expand
Revision of the Australian Tephritini (Diptera : Tephritidae)
The Australian fauna of Tephritini, a major tribe of the subfamily Tephritinae (Tephritidae), is revised for the first time; 23 genera and 77 species are treated. A further nine species are discussedExpand