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The Traprain Law Environs Project: fieldwork and excavations 2000-2004
This report presents the results of excavations of three enclosures and sample examination of three more, all crop-mark sites of later prehistoric date in the environs of Traprain Law, East Lothian
The Archaeology of Celtic Art
1. Introduction: Definitions, Material and Context 2. 'An Art with No Genesis': The Later Bronze Age Background 3. The La Tene Early Styles: Origins and Influences 4. The La Tene Developed Styles 5.
Women's Fantasy of Manhood: A Shakespearian Theme
NE scene in Macbeth has always troubled me-that between Lady Macduff and her son before the murderers arrive. The critics, too, have often felt it needed some apologia. For me its painful quality
The Iron Age in Northern Britain: Britons and Romans, Natives and Settlers
List of Illustrations Preface 1. Legacy of the Past 2. The Earlier Iron Age 3. The Roman Iron Age and its Impact 4. The Later Iron Age 5. Review and Conclusion Bibliography Index
The Picts
The Picts surprisingly escaped critical scrutiny at the time that the Celts were subject to deconstruction, though their status in popular mythology is even more tenuous. The explanation of the name
Rewriting History
‘Every generation re-writes history in its own way’. Re-writing History applies Collingwood’s dictum to a series of topics and themes, some of which have been central to prehistoric and protohistoric