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Fine structural observations on spermatogenesis in a progenetic trematode, Bucephaloides Gracilescens
A syncytial sustentacular system supports the spermatogenic cells and, in addition, may serve a nutritive and phagocytic role in the male reproductive system of the metacercariae. Expand
Flatworm nerve–muscle: structural and functional analysis
Platyhelminthes occupy a unique position in nerve–muscle evolution, being the most primitive of metazoan phyla. Essentially, their nervous system consists of an archaic brain and associated pairs o...
Evolution of the nervous system in Paraphanostoma (Acoela)
The evolution of the nervous system in Paraphanostoma (Acoela) is described in detail in Raikova, O. & Jondelius, U. (2004). Expand
Basiepidermal nervous system in Nemertoderma westbladi (Nemertodermatida): GYIRFamide immunoreactivity.
The study demonstrates that the nemertodermatid NS possesses a number of plesiomorphic features and appears more primitive than the NS in other worms, except the Xenoturbellida. Expand
Development of the nervous system in Dugesia tigrina during regeneration after fission and decapitation
Results indicate that two processes are involved in the formation of the new cerebral ganglion of Dugesia tigrina, where 5-HT-IR cells appear before NPF- IR cells, in contrast to the pharynx where NPF/IR cells differentiate before the 5- HT/5-HT cells. Expand
Vitelline cell development in monogenean parasites
Histochemical and electron microscopic studies of the vitellaria of three polyopisthocotylean fish-gill flukes, Diplozoon paradoxum, Diclidophora merlangi and Calicotyle kröyeri have shown that, in each case, viteLLine cell development is basically similar. Expand
Fine structural observations on spermatogenesis inCorrigia vitta (Trematoda: Dicrocoeliidae)
Spermatogenesis and the fine structure of the spermatozoon in a dicrocoelid trematode,Corrigia vitta have been examined by light and electron microscopy. The testes are composed of two distinct cellExpand
Inhibitory effects of nematode FMRFamide-related peptides (FaRPs) on muscle strips fromAscaris suum
It is shown that the effects of PF1 were also dependent on external Ca++ and were reduced by the Ca++-channel blocker verapamil, observations consistent with the finding that nematode NOS is Ca++/Ca++-dependent. Expand
Microhabitats of gill parasites (Monogenea and Copepoda) of teleosts (Scomberoides spp.)
It is indicated that intra- and interspecific competition may occur among the gill parasites and the direction and speed of ventilation water-currents and certain intrinsic factors of the parasite themselves may determine their microhabitat restriction on the gills. Expand