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Comparing Media Systems: three models of media and politics
This book proposes a framework for comparative analysis of the relation between the media and the political system. Building on a survey of media institutions in eighteen West European and NorthExpand
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Comparing Media Systems
In this chapter we propose a framework for comparing media systems. We propose, specifically, four major dimensions according to which media systems in Western Europe and North America can usefullyExpand
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The Uncensored War: The Media and Vietnam
  • D. Hallin
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 8 May 1986
Vietnam was America's most divisive and unsuccessful foreign war. It was also the first to be televised and the first of the modern era fought without military censorship. From the earliest days ofExpand
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Sound Bite News: Television Coverage of Elections, 1968–1988
Based on samples of network evening news broadcasts from each presidential election from 1968 through 1988, this article shows that the average sound bite has declined from 43 to 9 seconds. ThisExpand
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Political clientelism and the media: southern Europe and Latin America in comparative perspective
This article explores the relationship between political clientelism and the development of media systems in southern Europe and Latin America, considering the cases of Greece, Italy, Spain,Expand
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The uncensored war
It has come to be widely accepted across the political spectrum that the relation between the media and the government during Vietnam was one of conflict: The media contradicted the more positiveExpand
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The Media, the War in Vietnam, and Political Support: A Critique of the Thesis of an Oppositional Media
  • D. Hallin
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
  • 1 February 1984
The issue of the relation of the media to political authority has been approached by political scientists mainly in terms of the effects of news content on individual attitudes toward government.Expand
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We Keep America on Top of the World: Television Journalism and the Public Sphere
We Keep America on Top of the World is a lucid exploration of contemporary American journalism, with particular emphasis on its influential and controversial conponent - television news. DanielExpand
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How States, Markets and Globalization Shape the News
This article presents a comparative content analysis of the US and French national press in the 1960s and 1990s to test hypotheses about the influence of media structure on journalistic discourse.Expand
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Comparing Political Communication: Americanization, Globalization, and Secularization: Understanding the Convergence of Media Systems and Political Communication
A powerful trend is clearly underway in the direction of greater similarity in the way the public sphere is structured across the world. In their products, in their professional practices andExpand
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