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A review of probabilistic methods of assessment of load effects in bridges
Results show that the accuracy of estimations of characteristic value and probabilities of failure are more a function of data quality than extrapolation technique, which highlights the importance of long-run simulations as a means of reducing the errors associated with the extrapolation process. Expand
On the use of bridge weigh–in–motion for overweight truck enforcement
Bridge weigh-in-motion (B-WIM) is a method by which the axle weights of a vehicle travelling at full highway speed can be determined using a bridge instrumented with sensors. This paper looks at theExpand
Quantifying the Impact of Critical Infrastructure Failure due to Extreme Weather Events
12th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP12), Vancouver, Canada, 12 -15 July, 2015
Advances in Crowd Analysis for Urban Applications Through Urban Event Detection
An extensive survey on various data sources used for different urban applications, the state-of-the-art on urban data generation techniques and associated processing methods are conducted in order to demonstrate their merits and capabilities. Expand
A resilience assessment framework for critical infrastructure networks' interdependencies.
An integrated resilience assessment framework is developed to identify and map interdependency-induced vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure networks and can potentially support effective management of the interdependencies in CI networks. Expand
Spatial time-dependent reliability analysis of reinforced concrete slab bridges subject to realistic traffic loading
Abstract Resistance and loads are often correlated in time and space. The paper assesses the influence of these correlations on structural reliability/probability of failure for a typical two-laneExpand
Probabilistic Bridge Weigh-in-Motion
Conventional bridge weigh-in-motion (BWIM) uses a bridge influence line to find the axle weights of passing vehicles that minimize the sum of squares of differences between theoretical and measuredExpand
Virtual structural health monitoring and remaining life prediction of steel bridges
In this study a structural health monitoring (SHM) system is combined with bridge weigh-in-motion (B-WIM) measurements of the actual traffic loading on a bridge to carry out a fatigue damageExpand
Resilience quantification of Interdependent Infrastructure System: Means of optimising adaptation and mitigation measures
1. ABSTRACT Infrastructure networks do not exist in isolation. Rather they are interconnected to other infrastructures and, as technological development increases, so too does the linkage betweenExpand
Probabilistic analysis of potential impact of extreme weather events on infrastructures
In recent years, a variety of extreme weather events, including droughts, rain induced landslides, river floods, winter storms, wildfire, and hurricanes, have threatened and damaged many differentExpand