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Thucydides and Herodotus on the Pitanate Lochos
T HUCYDIDES FLATLY DENIED that the Pitanate lochos existed or had ever existed in Sparta, referring to the belief in this and also in the casting of two votes in the gerousia by each of the SpartanExpand
Education of Women in Developing Countries.
French Colonial Education: Essays on Vietnam and West Africa
It is widely held that the English govern while the French assimilate. The articles in this work question this theory and offer evidence to suggest that through its educational policy, the FrenchExpand
Policy-making in the Spartan Assembly
Emphasizing what he saw as the weakness and docility of the Spartan assembly M.I. Finley wrote: ‘I will put the question very bluntly. Can we imagine that the obedient, disciplined Spartan soldierExpand