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Sexual conflict over nuptial gifts in insects.
  • D. Gwynne
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of entomology
  • 2008
Edible and seminal gifts that male arthropods transfer to their mates range from important material donations to items that provide little direct benefit. Recent reviews and research have emphasizedExpand
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Phylogeny of the Ensifera (Orthoptera): A Hypothesis Supporting Multiple Origins of Acoustical Signalling, Complex Spermatophores and Maternal Care in Crickets, Katydids, and Weta
The orthopteran suborder Ensifera is a group of interest to many biologists because members of several families within this group communicate by sounds. The evolutionary history of singing and otherExpand
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Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality
Arising from M. A. Nowak, C. E. Tarnita & E. O. Wilson 466, 1057–1062 (2010)10.1038/nature09205; Nowak et al. replyNowak et al. argue that inclusive fitness theory has been of little value inExpand
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Katydids and Bush-Crickets : Reproductive Behavior and Evolution of the Tettigoniidae
OUR APPRECIATION OF biological diversity owesmuch to the collective efforts of a special cadre of scientists who become thoroughly captivated by particular organisms, recognize those central issuesExpand
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Sex-biased predation and the risky mate-locating behaviour of male tick-tock cicadas (Homoptera: Cicadidae)
In this study, web-building spiders captured more male than female tick-tock cicadas, Cicadetta quadricincta. The preponderance of males in webs was not due to a male-biased adult sex ratio butExpand
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Condition Dependence of Male Life Span and Calling Effort in a Field Cricket
Abstract Sexually selected traits are thought to impose survival costs on showy males. Recent empirical work found a negative relationship between male display and survival in a field cricket speciesExpand
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Courtship feeding increases female reproductive success in bushcrickets
Parental investment theory suggests that investment by males through courtship feeding of their mates may represent an important source of nutrition which increases female fitness and ultimatelyExpand
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Courtship Feeding in Katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): Investment in Offspring or in Obtaining Fertilizations?
  • D. Gwynne
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 September 1986
Studies indicate that courtship feeding in insects represents mating effort that evolved to ensure successful insemination. I tested this hypothesis with katydids (Requena verticalis), in which malesExpand
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Sexual Selection for Male Mobility in a Giant Insect with Female‐Biased Size Dimorphism
Female‐biased size dimorphism, in which females are larger than males, is prevalent in many animals. Several hypotheses have been developed to explain this pattern of dimorphism. One of theseExpand
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