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Estimating the Number of Persons Who Inject Drugs in the United States by Meta-Analysis to Calculate National Rates of HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Infections
Background Injection drug use provides an efficient mechanism for transmitting bloodborne viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). Effective targeting ofExpand
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Underimmunization among children: effects of vaccine safety concerns on immunization status.
OBJECTIVE To examine the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of parents whose children were underimmunized with respect to > or =2 vaccines that have recently received negative attention, compared withExpand
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Immunization attitudes and beliefs among parents: beyond a dichotomous perspective.
OBJECTIVE To better understand differences among parents in their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding childhood immunizations and health-related issues. METHODS Forty-four survey variablesExpand
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Vaccine Beliefs of Parents Who Oppose Compulsory Vaccination
Objectives. Our objectives were the following: (1) to describe the sociodemographic factors, vaccine beliefs, and behaviors that are associated with parental opposition to compulsory vaccination, andExpand
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A longitudinal investigation of gestural communication in young chimpanzees
A longitudinal study of chimpanzee gestural communication is reported. Subjects were seven 5- to 8-year-old members of a semi-natural group at the Yerkes Field Station. These were the sameExpand
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Parents concerned about vaccine safety: Differences in race/ethnicity and attitudes.
BACKGROUND Parental concerns about immunization safety have been covered widely in the media and on the Internet and have been correlated in some studies with under-immunization and the late receiptExpand
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Risk Factors for Non-Adherence and Loss to Follow-Up in a Three-Year Clinical Trial in Botswana
Background Participant non-adherence and loss to follow-up can compromise the validity of clinical trial results. An assessment of these issues was made in a 3-year tuberculosis prevention trialExpand
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Hormones and sexual behavior associated with postconception perineal swelling in the sooty mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus atys)
Three studies were conducted with female sooty mangabeys to describe the occurrence of perineal swelling during pregnancy and to document the associated patterns of ovarian hormone secretion andExpand
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Parent attitudes toward immunizations and healthcare providers the role of information.
BACKGROUND Lack of information has been associated with patient anxiety or concern in a number of healthcare areas. OBJECTIVES (1) Identify the proportion of parents who agreed, were neutral, andExpand
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Parental perceptions surrounding risks and benefits of immunization.
In recent years, parental concerns about vaccine safety have increased as the threat of disease has decreased. A national survey showed that, in general, parents agree that vaccines benefit theirExpand
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