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Integration of EST-SSR markers of Medicago truncatula into intraspecific linkage map of lentil and identification of QTL conferring resistance to ascochyta blight at seedling and pod stages
Microsatellite markers have been extensively utilised in the leguminosae for genome mapping and identifying major loci governing traits of interest for eventual marker-assisted selection (MAS). TheExpand
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Silicon improves seed germination and alleviates drought stress in lentil crops by regulating osmolytes, hydrolytic enzymes and antioxidant defense system.
Silicon (Si) has been widely reported to have beneficial effect on mitigating drought stress in plants. However, the effect of Si on seed germination under drought conditions is still poorlyExpand
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Widening the gene pool of cultivated lentils through introgression of alien chromatin from wild Lens subspecies
Wild Lens species/subspecies are a potential source for increasing genetic diversity in cultivated lentil. Four intraspecific crosses were attempted between cultivated and wild lentils. ViableExpand
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Widening the genetic base of cultivated gene pool following introgression from wild Lens taxa
Wild Lens taxa are a reservoir of useful rare genes/alleles for widening the genetic base and synthesis of a new gene pool of lentil. To maximize and sustain lentil production, new gene sources areExpand
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The use of infrared thermal imaging as a non-destructive screening tool for identifying drought-tolerant lentil genotypes.
Lentil (Lens culinaris, Medik.) is an important legume crop, which often experience drought stress especially at the flowering and grain filling phenological stages. The availability of efficient andExpand
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Evidence of early defence to Ascochyta lentis within the recently identified Lens orientalis resistance source ILWL180
R. H. R. Dadu , R. Ford, P. Sambasivam and D. Gupta* School of Agriculture and Food, Faculty of Veterinary and Agriculture Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Dookie Campus, Vic.; EnvironmentalExpand
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A Novel Lens orientalis Resistance Source to the Recently Evolved Highly Aggressive Australian Ascochyta lentis Isolates
Substantial yield losses and poor seed quality are frequently associated with Ascochyta blight infection of lentil caused by Ascochyta lentis. Recently reported changes in aggressiveness of A. lentisExpand
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