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The Economics of Political Violence: The Effect of Political Instability on Economic Growth
The Scope of the Study The Study of Political Violence in Perspective The Conflict-Free World of Western Social Science: Paradigm Lost Theories of Collective Rebellious Behavior: Paradigm RegainedExpand
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Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence: The Life Cycle of Birth, Growth, Transformation, and Demise
Foreword Martha Crenshaw. Introduction. Theories on Origins of Movements. Selfish Altruist: Modeling the Mind of a Terrorist. The Dynamics of Dissent: A Theoretical Perspective. Faith, Nationalism,Expand
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Government Coercion of Dissidents
The dynamic effect of government coercion on dissident activities has been a controversial issue. It is contended that this relationship is significantly altered when different control variables suchExpand
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The Reliability of Tweets as a Supplementary Method of Seasonal Influenza Surveillance
Background Existing influenza surveillance in the United States is focused on the collection of data from sentinel physicians and hospitals; however, the compilation and distribution of reports areExpand
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Space–Time Analysis: Concepts, Quantitative Methods, and Future Directions
Throughout most of human history, events and phenomena of interest have been characterized using space and time as their major characteristic dimensions, in either absolute or relativeExpand
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Exploring Roots of Terrorism
The rate of publications of academic and journalistic books and articles is getting even more accelerated since the days when the United States and other western countries started to feel itsExpand
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Analyzing Public Policy: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
Guides students toward a mastery of the skills that policy analysts use every day to evaluate and solve public problems. Material is designed to be easily accessible even when covering the mostExpand
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The Complex Relationship of Realspace Events and Messages in Cyberspace: Case Study of Influenza and Pertussis Using Tweets
Background Surveillance plays a vital role in disease detection, but traditional methods of collecting patient data, reporting to health officials, and compiling reports are costly and timeExpand
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Income Distribution and Sociopolitical Instability as Determinants of Savings: A Cross-Sectional Model
The purpose of this cross-national study is twofold. First, it introduces income distribution and sociopolitical instability as arguments in the savings function. Second, it presents some empiricalExpand
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Mitigation of greenhouse gas emission from rice–wheat system of the Indo-Gangetic plains: Through tillage, irrigation and fertilizer management
Abstract Rice–wheat cropping systems (RWCS) of the Indo-Gangetic plains (IGP) of India are tillage, water and energy intensive and an important source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. DevelopingExpand
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