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Modular localization and wigner particles
We propose a framework for the free field construction of algebras of local observables which uses as an input the Bisognano–Wichmann relations and a representation of the Poincare group on the
Modular structure and duality in conformal quantum field theory
Making use of a recent result of Borchers, an algebraic version of the Bisognano-Wichmann theorem is given for conformal quantum field theories, i.e. the Tomita-Takesaki modular group associated with
The conformal spin and statistics theorem
We prove the equality between the statistics phase and the conformal univalence for a superselection sector with finite index in Conformal Quantum Field Theory onS1. A relevant point is the
An algebraic spin and statistics theorem
A spin-statistics theorem and a PCT theorem are obtained in the context of the superselection sectors in Quantum Field Theory on a 4-dimensional spacetime. Our main assumption is the requirement that
Relativistic invariance and charge conjugation in quantum field theory
We prove that superselection sectors with finite statistics in the sense of Doplicher, Haag, and Roberts are automatically Poincaré covariant under natural conditions (e.g. split property for
A remark on trace properties of K-cycles
In this paper we discuss trace properties of $d^+$-summable $K$-cycles considered by A.Connes in [\rfr(Conn4)]. More precisely we give a proof of a trace theorem on the algebra $\A$ of a $K$--cycle
Extensions of Conformal Nets¶and Superselection Structures
Abstract:Starting with a conformal Quantum Field Theory on the real line, we show that the dual net is still conformal with respect to a new representation of the Möbius group. We infer from this
The first part of this paper extends the Doplicher-Haag-Roberts theory of superselection sectors to quantum field theory on arbitrary globally hyperbolic spacetimes. The statistics of a