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Human resource management and performance: a review and research agenda
There is a growing body of evidence supporting an association between what are termed high performance or high commitment human resource management (HRM) practices and various measures of
Perspectives on the Study of Work-life Balance
This article reviews aspects of contemporary theory and research on work-life balance. It starts by exploring why work-life balance has become an important topic for research and policy in some
Human resource management and performance: still searching for some answers
The main conclusion from the review is that after over two decades of extensive research, core questions about the relationship between human resource management and performance are still unable to be answered.
Is the psychological contract worth taking seriously
Although the psychological contract has become the focus for a body of research, it retains a number of conceptual and empirical problems and challenges. This paper reviews some of the main problems
Human Resource Management, Corporate Performance and Employee Wellbeing: Building the Worker into HRM
Two main approaches to human resource management (HRM) are identified: one focusing on the organisational concern for the relationship between HRM and performance, the other mounting a critique of
The Psychology of the Employment Relationship: An Analysis Based on the Psychological Contract
On esquisse des perspectives conduisant a des changements dans les relations de travail et a la necessite d’elaborer un cadre conceptuel convenant au monde actuel. La notion de contrat psychologique
Human Resource Management and Corporate Performance in the UK
The relationship between HRM and performance was explored in 366 UK companies using objective and subjective performance measures and cross‐sectional and longitudinal data. Using objective measures
Flexible Employment Contracts, the Psychological Contract and Employee Outcomes: An Analysis and Review of the Evidence
There has been growing interest in the impact of flexible employment contracts on workers affected by them. In the light of assumptions that such workers are significantly disadvantaged,
A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship between Career Management and Organizational Commitment among Graduates in the First Ten Years at Work
Summary This paper reports the findings of a two-wave longitudinal study investigating relationships between organizational and individual career management activities and organizational commitment