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Towards an Understanding of Mental Toughness in Australian Football
A personal construct psychology (PCP; Kelly, 1955/1991) framework was employed in an attempt to reveal a holistic understanding of mental toughness in the context of Australian Football. Eleven maleExpand
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The concept of mental toughness: tests of dimensionality, nomological network, and traitness.
Mental toughness has received increased scholarly attention in recent years, yet conceptual issues related to its (a) dimensionality, (b) nomological network, and (c) traitness remain unresolved. TheExpand
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Evaluation of a Mental Toughness Training Program for Youth-Aged Australian Footballers: I. A Quantitative Analysis
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of two different psychological skills training (PST) packages in enhancing mental toughness among three youth-aged (under 15 years old)Expand
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Understanding mental toughness in Australian soccer: Perceptions of players, parents, and coaches
Abstract We explored mental toughness in soccer using a triangulation of data capture involving players (n = 6), coaches (n = 4), and parents (n = 5). Semi-structured interviews, based on a personalExpand
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Advancing mental toughness research and theory using personal construct psychology
This review is designed to advance current conceptualizations of mental toughness in sport as well as identify avenues for future research by offering a fresh perspective using Kelly's (1955/1991)Expand
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Choking under pressure in sensorimotor skills: Conscious processing or depleted attentional resources?
Abstract Objectives This study examined and compared the conscious processing hypothesis and the attentional threshold hypothesis as explanations for choking under pressure. Design A 2×3 (anxietyExpand
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The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC): Dimensionality and age-related measurement invariance with Australian cricketers
Abstract Objective This study explored the dimensionality and measurement invariance of the 25-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC; Connor & Davidson, 2003 ) across samples of adult (n =Expand
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Understanding the coach's role in the development of mental toughness: Perspectives of elite Australian football coaches
Abstract The purpose of this study was to explore elite coaches' perceptions of how they can both facilitate and impede the development of key mental toughness characteristics in the context ofExpand
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Experienced golfers' perspectives on choking under pressure.
Although researchers have experimentally examined the mechanisms underlying pressure-induced forms of suboptimal performance, or "choking under pressure," there is a lack of research exploring theExpand
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Development and preliminary validation of a mental toughness inventory for Australian football
Abstract Objectives This paper describes the development and preliminary evaluation of the Australian football Mental Toughness Inventory (AfMTI). Methods Confirmatory and exploratory factor analysesExpand
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