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A chemical approach to superconductivity
Correlations of the important parameters of the BCS theory of superconductivity are developed with respect to the number of d‐shell electrons per atom of the transition elements predicted by theExpand
Trace elements and the panspermia hypotheses
Abstract The modal concentrations of elements in four representative classes of organisms, namely bacteria, fungi, plants, and land animals, are compared with the concentrations of the elements inExpand
Compressive epitactic layers on single‐crystal components for improved mechanical durability and strength
Compressive epitactic layers grown on single‐crystal substrates are shown to substantially improve mechanical durability. In this study, neodymium‐substituted gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) layersExpand
Magnetic properties of hydrides of the rare earths and rare earth intermetallics
Rare earth elements (R) react with hydrogen at elevated temperatures to form hydrides with compositions approaching RH3. Intermetallic compounds involving the rare earths in chemical union with Mn,Expand
Pronounced isotope effect in the superconductivity of HfV/sub 2/ containing hydrogen (deuterium)
Superconducting transition temperatures of HfV/sub 2/H/sub x/ and HfV/sub 2/D/sub x/ have been measured in the composition ranges x=0--1.5 and x=0--1.0, respectively. Hydrogen or deuterium absorptionExpand
Superconductivity of the Hydrides and Deuterides of HfV2
Current interest in the superconductivity of metal hydrides and deuterides has encouraged an investigation of the influence of hydrogen and deuterium absorption on the crystallographic andExpand
Precision of lock‐in amplifiers as a function of signal‐to‐noise ratio
The increase in output measurement error of lock‐in amplifiers with decreasing input signal‐to‐noise ratio, which has been shown to be linear over several orders of magnitude [G. T. Gillies and S. W.Expand
Cathodoluminescence of Ce : La2Be2O5 single crystals
Abstract Ce 3+ : Y 3 Al 5 O 12 (Ce : YAG) is an important phosphor in high intensity CRT displays since it does not saturate at high electron beam power. The saturation power level is of the order ofExpand
Improvement of FMR linewidth in Bi‐substituted lutetium iron garnet thin films for the MSW‐optical‐mode interaction
Thin films of bismuth‐substituted lutetium iron garnet (BiLuIG) for the magnetostatic wave (MSW)‐optical‐mode interaction can be grown by liquid‐phase epitaxy from the standard PbO‐based melt systemExpand
Superconductivity of the hydrides and deuterides of Hf0.5Zr0.5V2
Abstract The superconducting transition temperature of Hf 0.5 Zr 0.5 V 2 was enhanced by 1.7 K upon a small addition of H into the lattice. The maximum T c of 11.8 K occurs at the composition Hf 0.5Expand