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Instability in cosmological topologically massive gravity at the chiral point
This thesis explores three different aspects of quantum gravity. First we study D3-brane black holes in Calabi-Yau compactifications of type IIB string theory. Using the OSV conjecture and a relation
Spin-half fermions with mass dimension one: theory, phenomenology, and dark matter
We provide the first details on the unexpected theoretical discovery of a spin-one-half matter field with mass dimension one. It is based upon a complete set of dual-helicity eigenspinors of the
Dark matter : A spin one-half fermion field with mass dimension one?
We report an unexpected theoretical discovery of a spin one-half matter field with mass dimension one. It is based on a complete set of eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator. Because of its
On the collision of two shock waves in AdS5
We consider two ultrarelativistic shock waves propagating and colliding in five-dimensional Anti-de-Sitter spacetime. By transforming to Rosen coordinates, we are able to find the form of the metric
Model for gravity at large distances.
  • D. Grumiller
  • Physics, Geology
    Physical review letters
  • 16 November 2010
An effective model for gravity of a central object at large scales is constructed with a cosmological constant, a Rindler acceleration, a term that sets the physical scales, and subleading terms.
Holographic Description of AdS_2 Black Holes
We develop the holographic renormalization of AdS_2 gravity systematically. We find that a bulk Maxwell term necessitates a boundary mass term for the gauge field and verify that this unusual term is
Entanglement entropy in Galilean conformal field theories and flat holography.
We present the analytical calculation of entanglement entropy for a class of two-dimensional field theories governed by the symmetries of the Galilean conformal algebra, thus providing a rare example
Large-D gravity and low-D strings.
It is shown that in the limit of a large number of dimensions a wide class of nonextremal neutral black holes has a universal near-horizon limit, and the analogies between the α' expansion in string theory and the large-D expansion in gravity suggest a possible effective string description of theLarge-D limit of black holes.
Spin-3 gravity in three-dimensional flat space.
The first example of a nontrivial higher spin theory in three-dimensional flat space is presented, and the asymptotic symmetry algebra is a (centrally extended) higher spin generalization of the Bondi-Metzner-Sachs algebra, which is described in detail.