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The Best of Both Worlds: A Critical Pedagogy of Place
Taking the position that “critical pedagogy” and “place-based education” are mutually supportive educational traditions, this author argues for a conscious synthesis that blends the two discourses
Foundations of Place: A Multidisciplinary Framework for Place-Conscious Education
This article provides educators at all levels with a theoretical rationale for place-conscious education; it also discusses pedagogical pathways, and institutional challenges, to place-consciousness.
A Foucauldian Analysis of Environmental Education: Toward the Socioecological Challenge of the Earth Charter
Abstract This article examines recent trends in environmental education (EE) and argues that its institutionalization within general education works against its own socially and ecologically
Expanding the Landscape of Social Justice: A Critical Ecological Analysis
The social justice discourse in education has been critiqued by Bowers and others for its lack of attention to a broad range of related ecological issues. This article analyzes and critiques the
Accountability and Collaboration: Institutional Barriers and Strategic Pathways for Place-based Education
This article makes the case that place-based and environmental education theory and practice must be responsive to, while attempting to transform, the institutional dynamics of schooling. In the
Oil and water still: how No Child Left Behind limits and distorts environmental education in US schools
This article explores the problematic tensions between schooling and environmental education in the United States, with a special focus on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Today in the United
Place-Based Education in the Global Age: Local Diversity
Contents: Preface. D.A. Gruenewald, G.A. Smith, Introduction: Making Room for the Local. Part I: Models for Place-Based Learning. C.E. Knapp, Place-Based Curricular and Pedagogical Models: My
Implementation of ICU palliative care guidelines and procedures: a quality improvement initiative following an investigation of alleged euthanasia.
A quality improvement initiative addressing end-of-life care in the ICU was developed, intended to enhance communication and understanding about palliative care practices in the authors' ICU, to prevent ethical conflicts surrounding end- of- life care, and to improve patient care.
Our Place in History : Inspiring Place-Based Social History in Schools and Communities
Abstract This article describes a teacher development program that engages history and social studies teachers in making connections between learning and the well-being of places in which people