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The Jalapeño virtual machine
Jalapeno is a virtual machine for JavaTM servers written in the Java language to be as self-sufficient as possible and to obtain high quality code for methods that are observed to be frequently executed or computationally intensive.
Optimization of Object-Oriented Programs Using Static Class Hierarchy Analysis
This paper presents class hierarchy analysis and describes techniques for implementing this analysis effectively in both statically- and dynamically-typed languages and also in the presence of multi-methods and assesses the bottom-line performance improvement due to class hierarchyAnalysis alone and in combination with two other "competing" optimizations, profile-guided receiver class prediction and method specialization.
The Jikes Research Virtual Machine project: Building an open-source research community
This paper describes the evolution of the JikesTM Research Virtual Machine project from an IBM internal research project, called Jalapeno, into an open-source project. After summarizing the original
Adaptive optimization in the Jalapeño JVM
The architecture of the Jalapeño Adaptive Optimization System, a system to support leading-edge virtual machine technology and enable ongoing research on online feedback-directed optimizations, is presented, based on a federation of threads with asynchronous communication.
Call graph construction in object-oriented languages
This paper presents a parameterized algorithmic framework for call graph construction in the presence of message sends and/or first class functions and uses this framework to describe and to implement a number of well-known and new algorithms.
A framework for call graph construction algorithms
A general parameterized algorithm is presented that encompasses many well-known and novel call graph construction algorithms and is implemented in the Vortex compiler infrastructure, a mature, multilanguage, optimizing compiler.
The Jalape ~ no Dynamic Optimizing Compiler for Java TM
The Jalape~ no Dynamic Optimizing Compiler is a key component of the Jalape~ no Virtual Machine, a new Java 1 Virtual Machine (JVM) designed to support e cient and scalable execution of Java
A Survey of Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines
This paper surveys the evolution and current state of adaptive optimization technology in virtual machines and concludes that adaptive optimization has begun to mature as a widespread production-level technology.
Resilient X10: efficient failure-aware programming
This paper builds a complete implementation of the X10 language and implementation, capable of executing benchmark applications on hundreds of nodes, and describes the algorithms required to make the language runtime resilient.
Design and implementation of a comprehensive real-time java virtual machine
Measurements are presented showing that the IBM's new real-time Java virtual machine product is able to provide sub-millisecond worst-case garbage collection latencies, 50 microsecond Linux scheduling accuracy, and eliminate non-determinism due to JIT compilation.