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Light penetration and the interrelationships between optical parameters in a turbid subtropical impoundment
An investigation of water transparency characteristics and light attenuation by waters of a turbid subtropical impoundment showed that allochthonous inputs of silt during summer floods, impoundmentExpand
A review of sediment/water quality interaction with particular reference to the Vaal River system
Sediment effects water quality in many ways. Visually, the most obvious effect is that of increasing turbidity. In the lower Vaal River this effect is being countered by the increasing salinity. AExpand
The combined effect of geology, phosphate sources and runoff on phosphate export from drainage basins
Abstract A large degree of uncertainty is usually associated with phosphate loads estimated by means of export coefficients. Methods of reducing this uncertainty were investigated. Soluble and totalExpand
Water quality management in the RSA: preparing for the future
The uniform effluent standard approach is presently used in the RSA to control pollution from point sources. Water quality in the RSA is gradually deteriorating and social and economical changesExpand
Landsat and limnologically derived water quality data: A perspective
The use of Landsat reflectance data to estimate median chlorophyll concentrations in Roodeplaat Dam was investigated and it was found that median chloropterll concentrations determined from Landsat-derived data were similar to median chloropyll concentrations estimated from fixed station data. Expand
Bacterial activity in soils of a sub-Antarctic island.
Heterotrophic bacterial activities in the soils from five habitats on sub-Antarctic Marion Island were estimated by a kinetic method for glucose mineralization and by a dehydrogenase assay, which resulted in fairly similar inter-site patterns of relative activities. Expand
The need to consider water quality in the planning of new urban development: a simulation study
Urban development can affect the water quality of receiving waters in the catchment in which the development takes place. To illustrate this the effect of the development of the city of Botshabelo inExpand
Eutrophication control: a look into the future
Eutrophication causes serious water quality problems in some South African impoundments, and it is intended that the situation be alleviated by introducing a 1 mg P/l effluent standard in sensitiveExpand
Berg River Dam : designed with rivers in mind : bulk water infrastructure
The R1,5-billion Berg River Dam, outside Franschhoek in the Western Cape, is an international showcase of integrated planning, design and implementation.