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The majority of slope stability analyses performed in practice still use traditional limit equilibrium approaches involving methods of slices that have remained essentially unchanged for decades.Expand
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Programming the finite element method
Programs and subroutines for finite element problem solving in FORTRAN 90 . Expand
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Probabilistic slope stability analysis by finite elements
In this paper we investigate the probability of failure of a cohesive slope using both simple and more advanced probabilistic analysis tools. The influence of local averaging on the probability ofExpand
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Bearing-capacity prediction of spatially random c ϕ soils
Soils with spatially varying shear strengths are modeled using random field theory and elasto-plastic finite element analysis to evaluate the extent to which spatial variability and cross-correlationExpand
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Three-dimensional slope stability analysis by elasto-plastic finite elements
Slope stability analysis is one of the oldest applications in geotechnical engineering, yet it remains one of the most active areas of study in both research and practice. The vast majority of slopeExpand
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Influence of spatial variability on slope reliability using 2-D random fields.
The paper investigates the probability of failure of slopes using both traditional and more advanced probabilistic analysis tools. The advanced method, called the random finite-element method, usesExpand
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The Paper shows how finite elements, in conjunction with elasto-plastic theory, can give excellent collapse load predictions for footings resting on c-φ soils. The problem is approached byExpand
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Probabilistic infinite slope analysis
Abstract Research activity in the mechanics of landslides has led to renewed interest in the infinite slope equations, and the need for a more general framework for giving insight into theExpand
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Probabilistic Foundation Settlement on Spatially Random Soil
By modeling soils as spatially random media, estimates of the reliability of foundations against serviceability limit state failure, in the form of excessive differential settlements, can be made.Expand
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Three-Dimensional Probabilistic Foundation Settlement
By modeling soil as a three-dimensional spatially random medium, the reliability of shallow foundations against serviceability limit state failure, in the form of excessive settlement and/orExpand
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