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Phylogeny and taxonomic revision of the Planistromellaceae including its coelomycetous anamorphs: contributions towards a monograph of the genus Kellermania
Species representing the core genera of the Planistromellaceae formed a clade and evaluation of its topology revealed that previous morphology-based definitions of genera resulted in an artificial classification system. Expand
Asperisporium and Pantospora (Mycosphaerellaceae): epitypifications and phylogenetic placement
An examination of the type species of the anamorphic Asperisporium and Pantospora is presented and DNA sequence data from the ITS region and nLSU were analysed phylogenetically, placed into an evolutionary context within Mycosphaerellaceae, and compared to existing phylogenies. Expand
Food access by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) at winter feeding sites in eastern Québec
Abstract In 1995, we studied aggressive behaviour of White-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus ) at winter feeding stations in the Pohenegamook wintering area, Quebec (47°29′N 69°14′W). The studyExpand
Food selection by northern pintails (Anas acuta) in a St. Lawrence river spring staging ground (Québec, Canada)
Les contenus stomacaux de 55 canards pilets, Anas acuta (27 mâles et 28 femelles), recoltes entre le 14 avril et le 9 mai 1997 sur une halte migratoire printaniere de l'est du Canada, ont eteExpand