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Temporal Coupling of Production and Recruitment of Larvae of a Caribbean Reef Fish
Variation in larval recruitment is thought to have profound effects on the structure of coral reef fish communities, and planktonic processes often are cited as the major factor controlling theExpand
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Phase Relations and Melting of Anhydrous K-bearing Eclogite from 1200 to 1600°C and 3 to 5 GPa
To investigate eclogite melting under mantle conditions, we have performed a series of piston-cylinder experiments using a homogeneous synthetic starting material (GA2) that is representative ofExpand
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Open Problems in Artificial Life
This article lists fourteen open problems in artificial life, each of which is a grand challenge requiring a major advance on a fundamental issue for its solution. Expand
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Ordered asynchronous processes in multi-agent systems
Models of multi-agent systems usually update the states of all agents synchronously, but in many real life systems, agents behave asynchronously. Relatively little is yet known about the dynamicExpand
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Online GIS and Spatial Metadata
Perspectives and Global Data. Need and Context. Metadata and Standards. Data Warehousing and Mining. On-line GIS and the Internet. Mark-up and SGML. US, Australian DTDs. Big Case Study.Expand
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Do artificial ants march in step? ordered asynchronous processes and modularity in biological systems
We show that state updating is asynchronous in biological systems, and may be described as either Random asynchronous (RAS) or Ordered Asynchronous (OAS). Expand
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Experimental phase and melting relations of metapelite in the upper mantle: implications for the petrogenesis of intraplate magmas
We performed a series of piston-cylinder experiments on a synthetic pelite starting material over a pressure and temperature range of 3.0–5.0 GPa and 1,100–1,600°C, respectively, to examine theExpand
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Time series and postglacial forest ecology
Abstract Forest ecology suffers from a lack of long-term community records. Preserved pollen data are richer in such information than is generally realized. By applying suitable statisticalExpand
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Separated and overlapping community detection in complex networks using multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
We propose a representation method that can represent each individual as both separated and overlapping communities without assigning the number of communities in advance, and a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm to solve CDPs (MEA_CDPs) under the framework of NSGA-II. Expand
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A fine-resolution palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology from south-eastern Australia
(1) This study attempts to bridge the gap in time-scale that has separated sedimentary pollen records from modern ecological and meteorological data. (2) Two pollen records were obtained, both atExpand
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