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Discourse and Collaboration: The Role of Conversations and Collective Identity
We explore the relationship between discourse and interorganizational collaboration, arguing that interorganizational collaboration can be understood as the product of sets of conversations that drawExpand
The Social Construction of Leadership: A Sailing Guide
A growing body of literature now exists concerning the social construction of leadership. This literature draws on a variety of definitions of social constructionism, multiple constructs, and anExpand
This note concerns the creative potential of tropes in the process of analogical reasoning. We first suggest that metaphors (including metonymy and synecdoche) operate within the “cognitive comfortExpand
The Sage handbook of organizational discourse
Introduction - David Grant et al Organizational Discourse: Exploring the Field PART ONE: DOMAINS OF DISCOURSE Dialogue - Kenneth J Gergen, Mary M Gergen and Frank J Barrett Life and Death of theExpand
Organizational Discourse
Abstract This article highlights the increasing significance of “organizational discourse” as a field of inquiry. It defines the term, identifies its antecedents, and provides a commentary on theExpand
Introduction: Organizational Discourse: Exploring the Field
A growing disillusionment with many of the mainstream theories and methodologies that underpin organizational studies has encouraged scholars to seek alternative ways in which to describe, analyseExpand
Organizational Discourse and New Organization Development Practices
A new ensemble of organization development (OD) practices have emerged that are based more on constructionist, post modern and new sciences premises than the assumptions of the early founders. TheseExpand
Toward a Discourse-Centered Understanding of Organizational Change
Although organizational change involves a complex set of communicative and language-based processes, discourse-based approaches for understanding and managing change dynamics have been relativelyExpand
“Hippies on the third floor”: Climate Change, Narrative Identity and the Micro-Politics of Corporate Environmentalism
Climate change discourse permeates political and popular consciousness, challenging the ecological sustainability of our economic system and the business models that underpin it. Not surprisinglyExpand
In Search of the Subject: Researching Employee Reactions to Human Resource Management
Far too little is known about how employees, as the subject of Human Resource Management (HRM), react to its practice. Both the performance-focused and critical streams of writing on HRM perceive theExpand