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Medial column instability in the Lisfranc's fracture dislocation injury.
A fixation method for medial column Lisfranc's injuries with Kirschner wire placement is described, and failure in reduction methods for this injury consistently occurred. Expand
Tonsillectomy — Some like it hot
Methods of tonsillectomy using electrocautery for dissection and hemostasis are gaining popularity and a prospective, controlled, randomized, single blind study was designed to compare this method to scissor dissection with suture he mostasis. Expand
Classifications of radiopaque lesions of the tendo Achillis.
The authors present an anatomically-based classification to identify radiopaque lesions of the tendo Achillis to better acquaint the physician with reported etiologic causes. Expand
Syndactylization for the treatment of fifth toe deformities.
The authors describe a procedure to syndactylize the fourth and fifth toes for the correction of failed fifth toe arthroplasty, flail fifth toe, overriding fifth toe, cocked-up fifth toe, helomaExpand
Treatment of scleroderma skin ulcers using becaplermin gel and hydrocolloid membrane.
The effectiveness of becaplermin gel supplemented by oral immunosuppressive agents in the treatment of ulcers resulting from systemic sclerosis and the time to healing was comparable to that associated with the oral agents and surgical interventions specifically designed to help heal scleroderma ulcers. Expand
Brown recluse spider bite. Two case reports and review.
The use of transpositional skin flaps in closing plantar defects: a case report.
An overview of skin flaps is presented and a transpositional skin flap is suggested as one type of reconstructive treatment for large defects on the plantar aspect of the foot that cannot be repaired by suturing alone. Expand
New nonfusion procedure for talocalcaneal coalitions with a fixed heel valgus.
A corrective procedure was introduced used at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center to redistribute the body's weight on the heel and centralized over the axis of the subtalar joint. Expand
The Biofix absorbable rod. A preliminary report.
An introduction to the biodegradable Biofix rod for use in podiatric surgery is presented. Its application for Austin-type bunionectomies is described. The advantages and shortcomings are compared toExpand