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Rational design of highly active sgRNAs for CRISPR-Cas9–mediated gene inactivation
An online tool for the design of highly active sgRNAs for any gene of interest is provided, including a further optimization of the protospacer-adjacent motif (PAM) of Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9.
Identification of Atg5-dependent transcriptional changes and increases in mitochondrial mass in Atg5-deficient T lymphocytes
It is hypothesized that, similar to its role in yeast or mammalian liver cells, autophagy is required in T cells for the removal of damaged or aging mitochondria and that this contributes to the cell death of autophile-deficient T cells.
Pathway paradigms revealed from the genetics of inflammatory bowel disease
IBD is described as a model disease in the context of leveraging human genetics to dissect interactions in cellular and molecular pathways that regulate homeostasis of the mucosal immune system and future prospects for disease-subtype classification and therapeutic intervention are discussed.
Development of Chemical Probes for Investigation of Salt-Inducible Kinase Function in Vivo.
In vivo active doses of YKL-05-099 recapitulate the effects of SIK inhibition on inflammatory cytokine responses, but do not induce metabolic abnormalities observed in Sik2 knockout mice, which support the development of Sik inhibitors for treatment of inflammatory disorders.