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Methods for characterization of Streptomyces species
The methods used by collaborators in the ISP for emendation of descriptions of type and neotype strains of the genus Streptomyces (Actinomycetales) are presented. Expand
Mechanism of Action
Probiotics are collections of live bacteria that are meant to be ingested for beneficial purposes. Many different preparations are widely available over-the-counter and used to improve or stabilizeExpand
The Utilization of Carbon Compounds by Some Actinomycetales as an Aid for Species Determination
Taylor and Decker (1947) showed that various plant pathogenic actinomycetes could be separated from nonpathogenic isolates on the basis of their reactions on carbon compounds, as well as other criteria. Expand
Infection and Injury of Neurons by West NileEncephalitisVirus
The establishment of a tractable virus infection model in ES cell-derived neurons facilitates the study of the molecular basis of neurotropism and the mechanisms of viral and immune-mediated neuronal injury after infection by WNV or other neurotropic pathogens. Expand
Cooperative description of type cultures of Streptomyces. IV. Species descriptions from the second, third and fourth studies**
Descriptions for type strains of 100 additional species are added to the 200 species previously deposited in the collections and described in Parts II and III of this series. Expand
Cooperative Description of Type Cultures of STREPTOMYCES III. Additional Species Descriptions from First and Second Studies
More than 40 cooperating laboratories representing 18 nations are joined in an international effort to assemble and redescribe authentic type strains or acceptable neotype strains for the namedExpand
Cooperative Description of Type Strains of Streptomyces
This is the final major publication of a series describing the type or suggested neotype strains for a total of more than 450 species of actinomycetes, completing the major work of the project. Expand
The production and role of antibiotics in soil.
  • D. Gottlieb
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of antibiotics
  • 1 October 1976
properties, structure, mechanism of action and biosynthesis, there is a renewed interest in the role that antibiotics play in their ecology of soil and in the life of the microbes that produce them. Expand
Importance of antibiotic production in antagonism of selected Streptomyces species to two soil-borne plant pathogens.
No relationship was found between reported antibiotic activity or antagonism on agar media and reduction in disease severity, but several of the Streptomyces spp. Expand
Role of antibiosis in antagonism of Streptomyces hygroscopicus var. geldanus to Rhizoctonia solani in soil
Streptomyces hygroscopicus var. geldanus controlled rhizoctonia root rot of pea in previously sterilized soil if incubated for 2 or more days prior to infesting soil with Rhizoctonia solani andExpand