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An Interior-Point Method for Large-Scale $\ell_1$-Regularized Least Squares
A specialized interior-point method for solving large-scale -regularized LSPs that uses the preconditioned conjugate gradients algorithm to compute the search direction and can solve large sparse problems, with a million variables and observations, in a few tens of minutes on a PC. Expand
1 Trend Filtering
This paper proposes a variation on Hodrick-Prescott (H-P) filtering, a widely used method for trend estimation that substitutes a sum of absolute values for the sum of squares used in H-P filtering to penalize variations in the estimated trend. Expand
Two-dimensional loop shaping
The proposed design procedure has been field-tested and forms the basis of a software tool that has recently been implemented in a commercial product for the design of industrial paper machine controllers. Expand
Distributed Loop-shaping for Iterative Control of Batch Processes
The main idea of ILC is that pure feedback control algorithms consider the tracking error to be completely unknown and continuously attempt to compensate for this error as the process goes through a batch run. Expand
Feedback controller design for a spatially distributed system: the paper machine problem
This paper reports on the development and implementation of an algorithm for the design of spatially distributed feedback controllers for the wide variety of physical processes that are included inExpand
Identification tool for cross-directional processes
This paper considers an industrial identification tool for cross-directional (CD) process of continuous web manufacturing such as papermaking. A special focus is on identification of the mappingExpand
Scalable Statistical Monitoring of Fleet Data
This paper proposes a method for solving the problem of fitting regression models to historical fleet data with mixed effects that is scalable to extremely large datasets, even ones that do not fit in to the memory of a single computer system. Expand
Structured uncertainty analysis of robust stability for multidimensional array systems
Methods of structured uncertainty analysis (/spl mu/-analysis) are extended toward systems with dynamical and noncausal spatial coordinates and robustness of dynamical stability and spatial localization of response and boundary effects are addressed in a unified way. Expand