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Disability Studies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
Introduction: Global Disability Studies Debates: Political Disability Studies Intersections: Diverse Disability Studies Society: Sociological Disability Studies Individuals: De-Psychologizing
Dis/ability Studies: Theorising disablism and ableism
Preface Part 1: Finding Dis/ability Studies 1. Disablism 2. Ableism 3. Intersectionality 4. Dis/ability Studies 5. Researching Dis/ability Part 2: Exemplifying Dis/ability Studies 6. Precarious
Dis/entangling critical disability studies
  • D. Goodley
  • Philosophy
    Culture - Theory - Disability
  • 1 July 2013
Recently there has been discussion about the emergence of critical disability studies. In this paper I provide an inevitably partial and selective account of this trans-disciplinary space through
'Learning Difficulties', the Social Model of Disability and Impairment: Challenging epistemologies
Critical researchers enter into an investigation with their assumptions on the table, so no one is confused concerning the epistemological and political baggage they bring with them to the research
Self Advocacy in the Lives of People with Learning Difficulties: The Politics of Resilience
Section 1 Setting the agenda: introduction self-advocacy and people with learning difficulties self-advocacy, impairment and the social model of disability researching self-advocacy. Section 2 Living
Towards socially just pedagogies: Deleuzoguattarian critical disability studies
Socially just pedagogies call for sensitivity to politics and culture. In this paper I will uncover some key challenges in relation to working pedagogically with disabled people through the
Tales of Hidden Lives: A critical examination of life history research with people who have learning difficulties
This paper explores the use of life history research with people who have learning difficulties. [1] A number of strengths and weaknesses associated with the life history as a method of imparting
Making connections: the relevance of the social model of disability for people with learning difficulties
Summary The present paper explores the social model of disability and its significance for people with learning difficulties. The authors argue that, while the social model has been adopted as an
Researching Life Stories: Method, Theory and Analyses in a Biographical Age
Part 1: Four Life Stories: 1. Gerry O' Toole: A Design for Life 2. ' I'd never met a vegetarian, never mind a lesbian': Colleen's story 3. Research and Narrative and the Death Story of David Hope 4.
Locating Self-advocacy in Models of Disability: Understanding disability in the support of self-advocates with learning difficulties
Recent appraisals of self-advocacy groups of people with learning difficulties have tended to focus on the constitutional and structural facets of groups whilst failing to explicitly engage with di...