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Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3
Grapevine leafroll disease (GLD) is one of the most important grapevine viral diseases affecting grapevines worldwide. The impact on vine health, crop yield, and quality is difficult to assess due toExpand
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Deep sequencing analysis of RNAs from a grapevine showing Syrah decline symptoms reveals a multiple virus infection that includes a novel virus.
In a search for viruses associated with decline symptoms of Syrah grapevines, we have undertaken an analysis of total plant RNA sequences using Life Sciences 454 high-throughput sequencing. 67.5Expand
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Nucleotide sequence and rt-PCR detection of a virus associated with grapevine rupestris stem-pitting disease.
ABSTRACT Grapevine rupestris stem pitting (RSP) is a graft-transmissible disease of unknown etiology. We have characterized a virus associated with this disease. The entire genomic sequence (GenBankExpand
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Real-time RT-PCR (TaqMan) assays for the detection of Grapevine Leafroll associated viruses 1-5 and 9.
Real-time RT-PCR (TaqMan) assays were developed for the specific detection of Grapevine Leafroll associated viruses 1-5 and 9 (GLRaV-1-5 and -9). The assays were evaluated against a wide range ofExpand
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Comparison of low-density arrays, RT-PCR and real-time TaqMan RT-PCR in detection of grapevine viruses.
Low-density arrays (LDA) have been designed based on the real-time RT-PCR (TaqMan) assays for the specific detection of 13 viruses that infect Grapevines in addition to the housekeeping gene 18SExpand
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California mealybugs can spread grapevine leafroll disease
UC Davis's Foundation Plant Materials Service (FPMS) maintains the disease-tested, professionally identified collection of grape scion and rootstock varieties, which is the core of the CaliforniaExpand
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Grapevine Leafroll: A Complex Viral Disease Affecting a High-Value Fruit Crop.
Grapevine (Vitis spp.) is one of the most widely grown fruit crops in the world. It is a deciduous woody perennial vine for which the cultivation of domesticated species began approximately 6,000 toExpand
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Molecular analysis of a California strain of Rupestris stem pitting-associated virus isolated from declining Syrah grapevines
Summary.The sequence of the genome of a Rupestris stem pitting-associated virus (RSPaV) isolated from a declining Syrah grapevine in California, designated the Syrah strain (RSPaV-SY) was determined.Expand
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Pathogen testing and certification of Vitis and Prunus species.
Strategies to screen horticultural crops for graft-transmissible agents, particularly viruses and phytoplasmas, have advanced substantially over the past decade. Tests used for Vitis and Prunus areExpand
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