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Fertility- and menopause-related information needs of younger women with a diagnosis of early breast cancer.
PURPOSE The use of chemotherapy and endocrine therapies in the treatment of premenopausal women carries with it reproductive and gynecologic implications that young women may find distressing andExpand
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‘When Ovaries Retire’: Contrasting Women’s Experiences with Feminist and Medical Models of Menopause
Western biomedical paradigms tend to treat health as the absence of disease and the appropriate functioning of biologic and psychophysiologic processes in the individual. Non-biomedical or layExpand
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The Stigmatized Vernacular: Where Reflexivity Meets Untellability
The following introduces a special issue of the Journal of Folklore Research (49/2, 2012) that focuses on situations in which individuals and the vernaculars associated with them are stigmatized.Expand
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Vernacular Turns: Narrative, Local Knowledge, and the Changed Context of Folklore
(American Folklore Society Presidential Address, october 2013)NUMEROUS AFS PRESIDENTS HAVE COMMENTED OVER the years on the daunting nature of the task that now stands before me. A presidentialExpand
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The Sounds of Silence: Foreknowledge, Miracles, Suppressed Narratives, and Terrorism-What Not Telling Might Tell Us
ABSTRACT Focusing on the recurring theme of foreknowledge, this article explores issues of selfcensorship, narrative suppression, and untellability in rumours and legends that circulated in theExpand
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Once upon a virus : AIDS legends and vernacular risk perception
Contemporary, or "urban," legends express culturally complex attitudes toward health and illness. Notions of who gets AIDS, how and why, indicate broad issues involving health beliefs, needs, care,Expand
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Never Remember: Fake News Turning Points and Vernacular Critiques of Bad Faith Communication
Abstract:The February 2, 2017, false assertion by one of American President Donald Trump's advisors of a terrorist tragedy in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been characterized as a moment ofExpand
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The Buddy System-Crisis Management at the University of Georgia
A crisis on campus generally means pulling together a complex institutional support network to deal with a tangle of academic and personal issues. In the case of the University of Georgia it may meanExpand
The Stigmatized Vernacular
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The Secularization of Religious Ethnography and Narrative Competence in a Discourse of Faith
A partir de discours prononces par deux femmes de l'Eglise de la Lumiere eternelle et a partir de la conception de la notion de partage dans cette institution, l'A. montre la necessite de ne pasExpand
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