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Dimensional and Shape Accuracy of Foundry Patterns Fabricated Through Photo-Curing
This paper deals with the potential use of the PolyJet Matrix (PJM) technology and digital materials to fabricate foundry patterns. The primary purpose of the study was to assess the dimensional andExpand
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Influence of the edge effect on the wavelet analysis process
Abstract The article describes the research results in which the size of the edge effect was evaluated. There were analysed results of the filtration process of the surface profiles, obtained byExpand
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Design guidelines for plastic casting using 3D printing
The main aim of the presented tests was to assess the possibility of using 3D printing and casting material to produce casting molds and prototypes, especially in production of existing models. TheExpand
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Variability Evaluation of Signal in Two-dimensional Wavelet Decomposition Using Fractal Dimension☆
Abstract The paper presents the possibilities of using the fractal dimension to evaluate the signals in wavelet decomposition process. The tests have been carried out on samples produced by faceExpand
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Waviness of Freeform Surface Characterizations from Austenitic Stainless Steel (316L) Manufactured by 3D Printing-Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Technology
The paper presents the results of tests of surface waviness of samples made in the powder bed fusion technology. The models were built using 316L steel-based powder with high corrosion resistance.Expand
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Application of Wavelet Transform to Determine Surface Texture Constituents
The paper studies the possibility of application of a two-dimensional wavelet transform to analyse surface texture signals. The tests were directed at determining the impact of wavelet transformationExpand
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The adaptation two-dimensional wavelet transform to assessment the surface roughness produced by face milling
Przedstawiono wyniki analizy chropowatości powierzchni z wykorzystaniem dwuwymiarowej transformaty falkowej. Expand