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A simplified model of spontaneous combustion in coal stockpiles
Abstract As part of a comprehensive study into the self heating of large coal stockpiles, a simplified one-dimensional model has been developed. The model consists of three differential equationsExpand
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A geometric approach to steady flow reactors: the attainable region and optimization in concentration space
Probleme du choix optimal du systeme de reacteurs en ecoulement permanent pour une serie de reactions ayant chacune une cinetique donnee. On s'interesse aux systemes isothermes sans changement deExpand
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The attainable region and optimal reactor structures
Abstract Given a system of reactions and associated kinetics and assuming only the processes of reaction and mixing, one may derive, for variables which obey linear mixing laws, geometrically basedExpand
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Column Profile Maps. 1. Derivation and Interpretation
The use of ordinary differential equations as a shortcut technique for the description of distillation columns has been well established over the last 3 decades. Residue curve maps (RCMs) have beenExpand
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Classification of Chemical Processes: A Graphical Approach to Process Synthesis To Improve Reactive Process Work Efficiency
To reduce carbon dioxide emissions for chemical processes, one should make them as reversible as possible. Patel et al. [Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2005, 44, 3529−3537] showed that, in some cases, one canExpand
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Spontaneous combustion of carbonaceous stockpiles. Part II. Factors affecting the rate of the low-temperature oxidation reaction
Abstract In part I of this paper, the rate of the low-temperature oxidation reaction was found to be critical in determining the relative tendency of a carbonaceous material to self heat and henceExpand
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Abstract Spontaneous combustion of stockpiled coal occurs because of reaction between atmospheric gases and coal, and causes pollution, as well as the potential loss of all or part of the stockpile.Expand
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Combined static and dynamic mutability analysis
We present an approach to discovering parameter reference immutability, in which several lightweight, scalable analyses are combined in stages, with each stage refining the overall result. Expand
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